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19 July, 04:44 PM(Edited)
Projects on the Solidray Ecosystem.
Solidsocial. A Web3 social messaging platform enables individuals with similar interests to self-organize in communities to share and optimise opportunities.
NFT Marketplace: Users can buy, sell, store and (mint) NFTs.
Raywallet: Users can share their digital assets and monitor their portfolios performance.
DEX: You can trade digital assets without giving out your data.
Launchpad: Users have the opportunity to buy alpha projects at a lower price before they list on an exchange.
CEX: Crypto traders will take advantage of our liquidity network to buy and sell
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23 June, 07:09 AM
When you have a dream, you have to go for it and do what needs to be done to achieve it.
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24 May, 08:27 AM
🚨 Solidray Token 🚨

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In response Crypto News to his Publication
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