Gerry Pearl@GerryPearl
11 June, 05:47 AM
Hey Everyone!

New presale price will be:
3,000,000 XECO/BNB (300,000 DOX/BNB)

Our new supply is 10 billion, so airdrops to all holders will be 10x of what you sent us back. Eg. For 1 Million DOX, 10 Million XECO will be airdropped.

Presale Details
- Supply 3%, 300,000,000 XECO
- 3,000,000 XECO/BNB
- Private Sale
- Private Placement: AMA Groups
- Private Placement: Active community
- Private Placement: Twitter draw on 13th June
Gerry Pearl@GerryPearl
01 June, 03:11 PM
We’re very excited to announce that we’ve sealed a partnership with ApeSwap!

We will be live on 2 DEX and Flooz

ApeSwap - Primary
PanCakeSwap - Secondary
Flooz Trade - Swap Aggregator

Our partnership with ApeSwap extends beyond listing, we’re happy to announce that we will have a farm on ApeSwap so XECO holders can stake their XECO and earn!

Our partnership with ApeSwap will be a continuous one and will extend as we grow our ecosystem and bring more utilities to life.

Stay tuned over the next week as we get closer to relaunch and reveal more details.

25 January, 06:39 AM
DOXXED Ecosystem with community projects with doxxed teams and real world use case.

Liquidity Locker, Token Locker, Presales App & Audit Service

NFT Marketplace, Casino, Social App & Exchange and most important X-chain our own blockchain

All under one ecosystem, one token.

DOX BSC Contract:

24 January, 04:41 AM
Hello everyone!

Hope everyone is doing ok in these market conditions.
We’re still working full steam behind the scenes and there will be so much coming out soon once the market starts to recover, NFT Marketplace, CEX, multiple new IDOs and much more utilities in our ecosystem, and we’re very excited for a big year ahead!

Team is here to deliver, sit back and trust the process.

DOX Contract:
22 January, 01:14 AM
22 January, 01:20 AM
I believe DOX will be known to everyone in future.
Because we are all working hard.

Gerry Pearl@GerryPearl
16 January, 03:44 AM
Have you thought of life in the Multiverse? You don't only experience it but also make money from it.

Give it a go @
#playtoearn #NFT #nfts #nftart #NFTCommunity #metaverse #BNB #BSC #BSCGem
13 January, 03:28 AM
Have you ever wondered about immersing yourself in a new world?
Thanks to Virtual__X which brings you a world where you can interact, socialize and interconnect with each other.

Until Now, Virtual Reality has been thought of as dreams and fantasies for storytellers Virtual X generates a realistic virtual world for you to move around, interact and connect with the# world.

Virtual-X is the third IDO launched by DOXPAD, and holders of DOX can participate in IDO.
DOX Contract: 0x30ea7c369b87fe261de28a1eefafe806696a738b

12 January, 03:17 AM
In the 2022, the coin circle will continue to maintain the great bull market of rapid development, there will be stage adjustment on the way, and there will be more outside capital influx, and finally become the main melody.

DOX Ecosystem:
DOX-EXCHANGE Coming soon.
DOX-CASINO Coming soon.
DOX-SOCIAL Coming soon.
X-CHAIN Coming soon.

DOX contract:

Gerry Pearl@GerryPearl
12 January, 01:57 AM
2022 HODL $DOX You will to the moon 🙏🚀🚀🚀
Gerry Pearl@GerryPearl
12 January, 01:46 AM
4. The Blue Shell Exchange has been launched, and will be listed on Binance and other top exchanges one after another!
5. It has been officially included by CG, CMC, CCP, MyToken and Feixiaohao!
6. Strategic cooperation agency: Lbank+SYA X FLOOZ+OLYMPUS (on the Gate)+De Prizio Advispry!
7. The R&D personnel have been KYC certified, and the members come from many countries around the world!
8. The public column of the white paper can query the marketing wallet, development wallet and team income wallet, all of which have been open and transparent.
Gerry Pearl@GerryPearl
12 January, 01:45 AM
1. DOX = five major applications + blockchain public chain = the only token in the whole ecology! DOXPAD, DOX-NFT, DOX Exchange, DOX Social (Telegram-based API for the world), DOX Casino (fair betting, no house edge) and X-Chain (public blockchain)!
2. 156.6 million has been destroyed, reaching 15.66% of the total, and the destruction will stop at 50%! And DOX holds 2% of each IDO token, and 70% of its revenue is used for the repurchase and destruction of DOX!
3. Has passed CERTIK security audit! Global authoritative audit!
mg168 @mg168
12 January, 01:04 AM
Time to grow guys! Lets all do our best!
Gerry Pearl@GerryPearl
11 January, 02:15 PM
X—CHAIN, coming in 2022. The public chain belongs to the infrastructure of the blockchain field. The demand for public chains will continue to increase. After the launch of the DOX public chain, XCHAIN ​​will also build a business ecosystem like BSC. Imagine, what kind of vitality and development scalability will this bring to DOX?
Gerry Pearl@GerryPearl
11 January, 02:06 PM
DOXNFT is now live!


Kindly use Binance (BNB) Testnet on MetaMask to use and try out our platform.
Gerry Pearl@GerryPearl
11 January, 02:02 PM
DOX's NFT casting and sales platform belongs to Amazon in the NFT field. As we all know, there are currently more than 100 million encrypted users in the world, and this number is still growing every day, especially the number of NFT users. The industrial capacity of NFT is constantly increasing and has already exceeded 10 billion US dollars. This requires more NFT casting and sales platforms. This platform of DOX will access NFTs minted by ten industry main chains, and will accept BNB and DOX payments. Imagine what a big business opportunity this is.
11 January, 03:14 AM
Features of DOXNFT test phase:
✅ Create NFT
✅ Sell NFT
✅ Create favorites

Upcoming features:
The auction
Many chain
Statistics and activities
Featured daily, weekly and monthly NFT

DOXNFT will Live 20 Jan
DOX - NFT application:

11 January, 02:59 AM
DOX= five applications + blockchain public chain = the only ecosystem token!

DOXPAD, DOX-NFT, DOX Exchange, DOX Social (globally oriented Telegram API), DOX Casino (Fair betting, no bookmaker advantage) and X-chain (blockchain public Chain)!

11 January, 03:07 AM
If you want to participate in IDO on Wednesday, pay attention to:DOX holding 1 million or more can get a maximum presale of 1.5BNB; The second is a proportional distribution, such as 500,000 DOX in 0.75BNB. Taking advantage of the low price, you can increase the stock and get a certain number of DOX.

Holding DOX can get new IDO presale. The quota will be allocated according to your position proportion.

The more positions you hold, the more points you will get. No lockers!

binghan xiang@xiangbinghan
05 January, 05:32 AM
Jack @Jack
04 January, 12:23 PM
Yesterday we paid two digital marketer to push solidray online too, they will make solidray appear on every YouTube video, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, they have created a sale funnel for solidray, we can guarantee you that solidray will be heard all over the world, it will become a household name, it's just a matter of time, it will open up and you will see.~From The SRT Team
Jack @Jack
22 December, 02:23 AM
数百万人将从 Solidray 生态系统中受益。 Solidray Finance (SRT) 代币具有巨大的潜力。
Jack @Jack
22 December, 06:50 AM
What is value investment? Buy higher quality coins at a lower price and hold them for a long time.
Ayodeji David Ayoola@Ayodeji_A
17 December, 07:00 PM
Hello community, we are currently carrying out a scheduled maintenance upgrade and rebranding.

We apologize for any inconveniences this might cause. During this period of time you may experience some glitches be rest assured of that your data is intact.

Thank you solid family.

Jack @Jack
19 December, 12:38 AM
SolidRay Finance (SRT/WBNB)

Price: $ 0.00007410 (24h +13.53%)
Price 24 hour: $ 0.00006527
Volume 24 hour: $ 12,674.99
Holders: 3,148
Transactions: 5,934
Pooled SRT: 2,475,205,717.06
Pooled WBNB: 344.25
Liquidity: $ 366,865.18
Diluted Market CAP: $ 741,080.19
Jack @Jack
19 December, 03:12 AM

🧑‍🎨 Get your art ready!

🚀 Community testing begins next week.

Jack @Jack
19 December, 09:26 AM
So much in store in the coming weeks

Do well to tell your family and friends about what's coming

We are going mega ... Anticipate
Jack @Jack
10 December, 11:22 PM
Finally, the first release of ScorpFolio and NFT tracker are going live at 1pm UTC today 10th December, 2021.

Read more here:…

Jack @Jack
08 December, 09:47 AM
A particularly happy thing: passed the blue V certification of the solidcord platform. Influence is leadership. At the same time, it also enhances the interaction of Twitter, accumulates fans, and strives to pass the official certification of Twitter as soon as possible.
Godiva Crypto@Godiva
07 December, 04:22 AM
When you build an empire, it does not happen over night, it needs a lot of hard work, smart work, dedication and persistence.
It always start from small beginning... until you reach your desired result.