High Priest@Highpriest
07 December, 12:19 PM
I discovered cryptocurrency when I was going through some tough times, and learned how to invest what I could afford, my mentality had to be to invest what I wanted to multiply, and not to invest what I could afford to lose. That way I learned to do hard DYOR and select only the type of projects that resonated with my vision. I can’t afford to lose the opportunity for my money to work for myself. I invest with vision, I don’t bet with risks. Know Thyself. Crypto is not the exception for this great law, give and become a channel to receive. #Blessings
Godiva Crypto@Godiva
01 December, 02:32 PM
To all crypto enthusiasts out there specially to our solidcord community let us support the presence of our token in CoinGecko aside from buying SRT please click this happy face as well. Thanks.
Godiva Crypto@Godiva
30 November, 02:08 PM
Wow #CryptoEnfluencers on the move...
another successful zoom meeting for future #SolidRay & #SolidCord #Enfluencers
let us continue building and keep the ball rolling...
#Congratulations Everyone...
High Priest@Highpriest
30 November, 07:01 PM
Today Cryptogram launches! DYOR https://cryptogramplatform...
Solidray Finance@solidraytoken
27 November, 05:16 PM
Token: SolidRay Finance (SRT)
Price: $0.000118432
Total Supply: 10,000,000,000
Market Cap: $1,184,320
BNB Price: $615.95
LP Holdings: 403 BNB ($248,007)
Arthur Zablocki@arthurzablocki
27 November, 10:32 PM
but that trend line!

If in doubt, always zoom out.

$BTC $seatbeltson #getready #newathcoming #cryptotrading
Arthur Zablocki@arthurzablocki
23 November, 10:30 AM
#metaverses are once again taking little notice from what $BTC is doing and running on their own rocket fuel!
Exciting to think where we are going to be in terms of platform readiness 6 months from now.
High Priest@Highpriest
24 November, 08:47 PM
I'm so Bullish on #AVAX projects right now... share some!
High Priest@Highpriest
23 November, 01:34 AM
I'm so high on $SMRTr right now... The Fair Fork Foundation will be strong! check this projects out. JadeProtocol.io and SmartCoin.farm #SMRTr #JADE #FFF
DrToms @DrToms
13 November, 02:12 AM
90% of Americans Have at Least Basic Cryptocurrency Knowledge: Survey....

14 November, 08:17 AM
DrToms @DrToms
15 November, 02:05 AM
Chiliz (CHZ) gains 170% after launching live in-game NFTs for fan token holders...
The launch of live in-game NFTs and a rapidly expanding ecosystem boosted the price of CHZ and showcased the project’s strong fundamentals....

Godiva Crypto@Godiva
14 November, 01:25 AM
Happy Weekend #SolidCordCommunity
How far our engagement in #Crypto ?

Looking back, people made fun of the internet...
In 2000, people made fun of mobile phones...
NOW! People is making fun of Bitcoin & Cryptos...
We Are Here! Be The Change!

Build your community in #SolidCord
Future Lounge@TheFutureLounge
03 October, 05:47 PM
Evans Joseph@evansjp
09 November, 04:06 PM
In response High Priest to his Publication
They can't actually control it, it's a waste of time, crypto is decentralized
DrToms @DrToms
09 November, 12:15 AM
Bitcoin Price Breaks Another All-time High Surpassing $67K...

DrToms @DrToms
09 November, 12:16 AM
Mastercard to Support Cryptocurrency-linked Credit, Debit and Prepaid Cards in The APAC Region...

Mastercard Offers More Options For The Crypto Enthusiasts...

High Priest@Highpriest
09 November, 01:12 PM
Check out https://futurafinance.io/ I have made 33% of my initial investment on rewards alone! Join their telegram for more info https://t.me/FuturaBSC #FFTFOREVER #BSCGEMS #BSCGem #BSC
DrToms @DrToms
07 November, 02:20 AM
DeFi can be 100 times larger than today in 5 years....

High Priest@Highpriest
07 November, 07:40 PM
https://footballfantasypro... is one of my Gems that I'm hodling πŸ’ŽπŸ™Œ #FANTA $FANTA check it out before it passes .01 cent or 1 Million Market Cap this one is definitely one worth holding. #BSCGEMS #BSC #BNB #GEM
Decentralized Community@DeCom
05 November, 03:46 AM
Shanghai Man: $130M hack raises suspicions, Chinese miners head to Laos, Huobi’s moon mission...

High Priest@Highpriest
06 November, 01:36 PM
The Market has been beautiful 🀩
Godiva Crypto@Godiva
03 November, 05:35 AM
Hello #SolidCordCommunity
Let's have a look on CMC updates for today Nov.03, 2021 1:30PM PH Time.
High Priest@Highpriest
01 November, 07:52 PM
#BNB going up lately I love it πŸš€ #BSC
High Priest@Highpriest
29 October, 12:50 PM
Share your long term #BSC Gems on the comments πŸ™ŒπŸ’Ž mine are $CISLA, $FFT, $FANTA, $MNG, SolidRay and $MiniUSDC(soon Cryptogram)
High Priest@Highpriest
29 October, 12:11 PM
$FFT πŸš€ Futura Finance is waking up from it’s dip πŸ“ˆ I already made one third of my initial investment in rewards by holding! πŸ’ŽπŸ™Œ https://futurafinance.io 😎
CryptoCabal Academy@CryptoCabal
25 October, 12:07 AM
High Priest@Highpriest
19 October, 06:18 PM
In response orivera to his Publication
Cryptogram pronto!
High Priest@Highpriest
19 October, 06:49 PM
In response Future Lounge to his Publication
I love Futura Finance! Enjoying incredible rewards πŸͺ™πŸ’ŽπŸš€
PhoenixDavid @PhoenixDavid
26 September, 03:06 AM
Innovation at its peak - Love it πŸ’―