Crosby Williamson@InspectaGadget
29 June, 10:56 AM
I would like to upload a video for nft
Crosby Williamson@InspectaGadget
26 June, 09:04 AM
Crosby Williamson@InspectaGadget
24 June, 08:07 PM
Sending love to our international community
im all about solid solutions
Crosby Williamson@InspectaGadget
24 June, 08:01 PM
Hello Africa tell me how u doing
Crosby Williamson@InspectaGadget
24 June, 07:42 PM
Web3 is arriving
Crosby Williamson@InspectaGadget
09 June, 06:25 AM(Edited)
As the internet has evolved, its influence on us has been profound, shaping everything from what we read, the products we purchase, the entertainment we watch and how we communicate. It seems to know everything about us – our likes, dislikes, friends, shopping habits and favourite cat videos.

This intimate knowledge could be inferred as good or bad. You can be targeted with advertisements for products you didn’t know you wanted and be suggested news articles you didn’t know you wanted to read. This personalization can be convenient but also invasive.
Crosby Williamson@InspectaGadget
09 June, 06:22 AM
The dominance of big tech over internet use and its control over personal data has led calls for the nets decentralization.
The third iteration of the internet – Web3 – will be defined by open-source technology, utilizing blockchain technology to be trustless and permissionless.
Web3 is still in its infancy and there are still large questions to address.
Crosby Williamson@InspectaGadget
09 June, 06:21 AM(Edited)
Reclaiming big tech’s power

Web3 is a new iteration of the internet that harnesses blockchain to “decentralize” management thus reducing the control of big corporations, such as Google or Meta, and making it more democratic. It is defined by open-source software, is trustless – doesn’t require the support of a trusted intermediary – and is permissionless (it has no governing body).

Web3 draws its named as the third iteration of the internet.
Crosby Williamson@InspectaGadget
09 June, 06:14 AM
Crypto in so many ways
Crosby Williamson@InspectaGadget
09 June, 06:10 AM
Crosby Williamson@InspectaGadget
09 June, 06:12 AM
Total supply SRT 10 000 000 000
Crosby Williamson@InspectaGadget
09 June, 06:10 AM
Elmer Spark@Spark
01 June, 04:10 AM

To qualify, simply purchase a Solidray Token (SRT) worth $ 500 or more. May be a one -time or accumulated purchase during the ICO period.

These are the benefits:

🚀SRT value:
3,350,000 +/-

🚀 SRT Physical Token
📍Gold plated
📍Serial number

🚀 SRT Yacht Club
📍Free membership
📍Dubai event PASS
📍Free VISA

NFT Marketplace
📍Minting PASS

💥 The plane ticket is FREE if you can buy an SRT with a minimum of $ 5000.

🚀 And much more ...

Hurry up!

SRT Physical Token supply is limited!

Avail now!
Crosby Williamson@InspectaGadget
02 June, 02:12 PM
Im happy to be associated with Solidsocial and Solidray finance