John Huge@Johnhuge2
16 August, 01:59 PM

Jennan Abdullah@Jennan
13 July, 03:58 AM(Edited)
Solidrays exchange will be deploy soon✨

Coinsher is a marketplace where Africans can buy and sell their digital assets.
We are on a mission to equip Africans with crypto trading and education for the new economy.
Deborah Iwok@Pretex
03 August, 06:28 PM
Its a beautiful time here
Jennan Abdullah@Jennan
11 August, 05:08 AM
Solidray is a Web3 project on BNB Chain that is creating a safe space for the block chain communities to thrive on.

SOLID SOCIAL is one of solidray’s utilities under its ecosystem. Solid social is a Web3 social messaging platform that empowers individuals with similar interests to self-organize in communities to create and optimize opportunities.

Solid social is for community managers, brands, content creators, family and friends, investors and researchers and everyday users.

Sign up and invite your friends to sign up today on

See you there!

John Huge@Johnhuge2
03 August, 02:21 PM
Wow awesome place to be