Boedak Airdrop@boedak
11 August, 06:39 AM
➡️Btkeep x Arriva Digital Airdrop⬅️

Reward Pool : $2000 in ARV

Link :

🔹Complete all task
🔹Enter data
🔹Enter BSC address from Bitkeep

For lucky users


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Crypto News@Crypto_News
01 August, 06:46 PM
Now you can buy Apple Products like iPhone, MacBook, or iPad and pay with #Ariva via NOWPayments_io applebtcstore


#adaptation #Crypto #cryptopayment #ARV $ARV
doudou zhang@doudou
19 January, 09:52 AM
Sowing at the beginning of 2022 and harvesting at the end of02022, DOX is the best choice!!
Earnable RHT Crypter@Monkeypendragon
13 January, 06:06 AM
See my logo burger? That is my core investment strategy I call burger strategy. I buy passive income tokens such as and because one day they'll buy me free lunch every single day. I might not be financially free but I will not starve.
sohel 12F@sohel
10 January, 01:34 PM
This project is looks so innovative and impactful, happy to take participate in such huge project. You guys are very hard working and I am pretty sure you will reach to the Moon very soon.

support it. Good luck always ❤️ 🚀🚀🚀 🌕 parves7574 _hasib9438 AbdullahSsohan
forrestgfy @forrestgfy
09 January, 10:53 AM
Play in spring, harvest in autumn. You need to wait.
Crypto News@Crypto_News
29 December, 11:04 AM
🔥🔥🔥 Great hidden gem 🔥🔥🔥
Name: Ariva
Tikker: ARV
Max supply: 1,000,000,000,000
Total Supply: 93,640,000,000
Circulation: 63,060,000,000
Burned till now: 6,360,000,060

The supply will be reduced till 50B.
Great project, it will change the game for hotels and flight booking.


#Bitcoin #BNB #BSCGem #Crypto #Ariva
Tags: #Defi #tourism
Jack @Jack
03 December, 05:52 AM
If you understand it, you are adding positions to ScorpFin. When it is applied, it is the time of development, ambush ahead of time and harvest wealth.

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