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28 July, 04:54 AM
The roadmap of Cellframe has already been updated.

The current stage is the transition from Beta-version of Mainnet launch to Release-version of Mainnet launch.
The next steps are:
-2nd stage audit
-Emission for validators
-Native auctions
-Bi-directional bridge (is ready to integrating in existing system but it will be added later because of security reasons)
and others
Crypto News@Crypto_News
31 December, 02:26 PM
🔥Cellframe achievements of the year 2021🔥

👌Start-up partnership👌
The beginning of the year was more complicated than usual, but the company handled this period as the calm before the storm. A new investor was found in mid-February, and the situation changed completely. New partners assisted in buying the company back from the previous ones. And it was a landmark event that led the project to the most significant achievement of the year — the token launch.

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Crypto News@Crypto_News
19 December, 09:53 AM
🔥🔥🔥 Great hidden gem 🔥🔥🔥
Name: Сellframe
Tikker: Cell
Max supply: 30,300,000
Total Supply: 29,735,000
Circulation: 28,605,666
Burned till now: 565,000

In the first three month of 2022 will be the testnet live 😍

In this article om Medium website you will find everything about the great update in 2022 💥💥💥


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Tags: #metaverse #playtoearn

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