Jennan Abdullah@Jennan
12 August, 05:36 AM(Edited)
Whenever people hear about Web3, the first thing that comes to mind is DeFi, NFT, and cryptocurrency. And while they are not wrong, Web3 is beyond that. Learn about the hidden improvements Web3 is doing that no one is talking about on Solidray project.

Solidsocial is one of the utilities of solidray project. It is a Web3 social messaging platform for communities to network, self-organize, share and optimize opportunities.

Discover more about the Solidray ecosystem at
Boedak Airdrop@boedak
22 July, 01:01 PM
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hayk99 @hayk99
11 July, 02:28 PM
Bruno Wallet - We are the first crypto wallet for DeFi
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Boedak Airdrop@boedak
08 July, 06:50 AM
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Hendri Gustiar@khasilah
25 June, 06:58 AM
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Samuel Tope Omotoso@Omotoso
13 June, 06:55 AM
I believe this is going to work! This app needs a few UI touch and we need to push out the news throughout the corners of earth. It will definitely explode if we reach one million users holding the Solidray token.
Crosby Williamson@InspectaGadget
09 June, 06:22 AM
The dominance of big tech over internet use and its control over personal data has led calls for the nets decentralization.
The third iteration of the internet – Web3 – will be defined by open-source technology, utilizing blockchain technology to be trustless and permissionless.
Web3 is still in its infancy and there are still large questions to address.
Crosby Williamson@InspectaGadget
09 June, 06:21 AM(Edited)
Reclaiming big tech’s power

Web3 is a new iteration of the internet that harnesses blockchain to “decentralize” management thus reducing the control of big corporations, such as Google or Meta, and making it more democratic. It is defined by open-source software, is trustless – doesn’t require the support of a trusted intermediary – and is permissionless (it has no governing body).

Web3 draws its named as the third iteration of the internet.
binghan xiang@xiangbinghan
27 May, 06:46 AM
tekuila @tekuila
27 May, 01:42 AM
Hi guys ^^

Tekuila is deployed on The Binance Smart Chain with the purpose of improving DeFi users. This ensures that transactions, staking, trading, and NFTS trading are all carried out at the lowest possible cost while keeping the maximum possible yields.

Airdrop value: $3500 TKL (≈ $80)

Enjoy !

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Godsent Joseph Mensah@Wisdom5
25 May, 09:27 AM
In 2013, Snapchat rejected an offer by Facebook to buy it at $3billion. In 2021, Snapchat was worth $100 billion in market value.

Do not don let anyone determine your value. If you don know your worth the world will dictate for you and will definitely put you at a lesser value. Believe in what you are doing such that everyone else has no choice but to believe in you.
Rosalie Magsino@SallySolidSocial
09 February, 03:43 PM
Solidray Finance
12 Rawson Place. Bradord. West Yorkshire. UK. BD1 3QQ, United Kingdom

Solidray is a utility token that is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and the governance token for the solid ecosystem.

Solidray is a collaboration of DEFI, NFT Arts, NFT Gaming Collectables and and a payment system.

Global awareness through Integrated Marketing:
✓ Email Marketing (Ongoing).

We will soon release our
with New amazing user interface [UI].

We will also release our
✓ Mobile App (Lite version) For Android & IOS after we release the
Aleksandr Bukhanets@sawabux
01 February, 12:19 PM
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DeFi Block Airdrop, get 1 (DFB) Token Claim & Buy and Hold.. - YouTube

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marvtridon @marvtridon
01 February, 11:55 AM
Earn #WKD on #Earnathon by learning.

40Billion WKD to be earned.

Earnathon - redefining learning
CryptoCabal Academy@CryptoCabal
30 January, 08:53 PM
Olajide a.k.a Cryptopreneur is a Rated Futures, DeFi Analyst and Gem hunter, CEO @ Crypto Cabal Academy, and Crypto god🔥.

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