Jan Francis Pontino@Blockpipz
08 June, 04:13 AM
Binance CEO is in the Philippines!


With the Program of SolidSocial Web3 Social media with SRT token it will change many lives and it will make history in the making

Visit solidray.io Buy and Hodl
Prescila Aguiles@Pressie
05 June, 12:35 AM
moving steady and moving strong.. the web3 solid social media.

your perfect solution partner on web3 social media.

the solidray ecosystem creates web3 solution to all regardless of what usage you would want it to be.

solidray ecosystem supports.

1. crypto hodlers.
2. business operators.
3. skilled workers.
4. family operated business.
5. corporate business.
6. digital education ( NFT academy)
8. etc..

it can provide solutions to group of people like.

1. churches.
2. cooperatives.
3. organizations.
4. NGOs
5. LGUs
6. SME.

the SRT bep20 t
Jan Francis Pontino@Blockpipz
01 June, 02:15 AM
Hodl till your hands become diamonds
Kathy @Kathy
28 May, 07:29 AM(Edited)
Buy as many SRT Tokens then HODL them for 5 years... What a wonderful bright future awaits you!!!!
John Kylle Eduarte@JohnKylleEduarte1985
26 January, 12:20 PM
The success story of those who previously BUY & HODL Bitcoin then will also be the story of your success when you BUY & HODL SRT now.

The story repeat itself!
Earnable RHT Crypter@Monkeypendragon
25 January, 11:22 PM
Not any doubt the leader in total Income that brings both #passiveincome investors and active Income seeking gamers together in its classic fps game, RHT is followed closely by all. It leads the market and has rewarded its early investors most handsomely by generating already 2x their initial investment through reflection alone, a hodl long term, a buy at its current volume justified 3mil cap valuation.
Glenn Eduarte@ghee1694
23 January, 02:15 AM
The success story of those who previously BUY & HODL Bitcoin then will also be the story of your success when you BUY & HODL SRT now.

The story repeat itself!
Earnable RHT Crypter@Monkeypendragon
22 January, 04:00 AM
Best trade now imo is swap from evergrow and hodl to Earnable.one, and you get 10 times more rewards for the same dollar invested.
Earnable RHT Crypter@Monkeypendragon
17 January, 02:14 AM
The second best rewarding passive income token in my 50 passive income tokens followed is RHT, generating 5 cents daily for every $100 investment by its current 5mil cap.

Of course RHT has p2e, if u r a good gamer u could potentially earn more.

But I am lazy, will only hodl and nothing else. 5 cents per 100$ every day is not bad.
Mohamad Syarifudin@Syarifudin39
16 January, 12:22 PM
Zippy Airdrop Round 2 is on ✅
This time per Referal Reward is 40,000 , Minimum withdrawal is 100k , Distribution is instantly or within 48 hours interval.

Join Zippy Hodl Airdrop -: https://t.co/dxjqtg664m

Good luck #Defi_Clan
Earnable RHT Crypter@Monkeypendragon
16 January, 05:34 AM
Be patient. Great things take time. Eth, BTC, BNB, Doge all took years to reach the heights they did.

Passive income coins make the hodl so much easy. For most of the Earnable and crypter like you can expect to recoup your principal in one year. The longer you hodl the higher the pure income you earn, no anxiety of any kind. That's why I live Passive income coins.
Crypto Immaculate@Obig96
15 January, 12:10 PM
Before trading cryptocurrency, you should be aware that you risk losing your money to the market. If you really believe in the future of cryptocurrency, holding your crypto assets for the long term may be more beneficial than trying to time the markets.

#Crypto #SRT #SolidCord #Bitcoin #cryptotrading #HODL
Tee Fee@iOS
14 January, 02:54 PM
Never forget. HODL WKD.
Earnable RHT Crypter@Monkeypendragon
14 January, 11:01 AM
The absolute key to secure decent passive income is to buy low cap token with proven team. Example is RHT which i bought at 500k, it rallied upon beta game release to ath 20mil cap in one month with huge volume, I recouped all my initial investment by reflecting rewards alone, still hodl it, want to see how much it generates for 10 years.

RHT, what a great Hunter's game.
binghan xiang@xiangbinghan
14 January, 07:16 AM
Scorpion Finance
Do not Panic, do not be Deterred.
After the Storm comes the Calm!

Though the market is Red, Green is "inevitable" & "imminent"

Trust the Process and Hodl for we have just started and we are very BULLISH on the "achievements" to come.

You're in the right Boat, let's Paddle onFlexed biceps

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