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31 January, 11:39 PM
Solidray is a project that has the potential to transform the world!

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28 January, 06:17 PM
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28 January, 02:14 AM
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27 January, 12:51 AM
Together we can and be part of US: https://solidcord.app/?ref...
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26 January, 12:17 PM
Solidcord is going to takeover facebook instagram etc. This is the new revolution🔥
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25 January, 07:48 AM
Congratulations to all participants in the PS4 FIFA 2021 COMPETITION organized by Unravel Gaming Lounge. You all gave ur best and came out victorious. 🏆

Looking to pursue a career in gaming ? Join the Play2Earn link in my Bio.

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24 January, 06:55 PM
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23 January, 11:55 PM

The meeting commences with Mr AY (Our head dev) sent his greetings and also apologized for the delay in rolling out the upgrade. He explained the reasons which include
1. Stripping the entire UI of SolidCord and addition of more features to the platform.
2. The Airdrop also made a huge impact to delay the upgrade due to the massive sign-ups of new users to SolidCord( the registered users on SolidCord skyrocketed from 2,634 users to the current 11,700 users and a minimum of 6,000 posts per day). He commended the marketing team for the
qiping mrli@liveli123
23 January, 11:51 PM
solidsocial 23/01/2022的秘密审查记录

会议开始时,AY先生(我们的首席开发人员)向我们表示问候,并就延迟推出升级表示道歉。他解释了其中的原因,包括1。剥离SolidCord的整个UI,并向平台添加更多功能。2. 由于大量新用户注册到SolidCord(SolidCord的注册用户从2634名激增到现在的11700名,每天至少有6000个帖子),Airdrop也造成了巨大的影响,延迟了升级。他称赞了营销团队正在完成的令人惊叹的工作。他向大家介绍了正在进行的工作。他解释了网页版本和应用程序是如何同时构建和运行的,所以目前有很多工作正在进行。他宣布Android和IOS版本将在短时间内发布,以避免进一步延迟。

1. 显示广告:项目可以在SolidSocial上运行广告的部分(项目的广告将被过滤,以确保只显示质量和安全的广告)
2. 建议页面:新会员甚至是老会员都可以在这里随机找到可以跟随的人
4 . .论坛:这是一个用来聊天、问问题和相互教育的区域(这主要是为新手设计的)。5 . .生活方式:这是专门为与奢侈品牌合作而设计的,如旅行社、酒店、度假胜地等。他们将能够显示他们的

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